May Your Hearts Be Pierced by the Love of Yesterday's Needle...

Who We Are

Yesterday's Needle is a family owned business.  Our owners, Debra and Charles, feel like God has prepared them for this adventure.  Debra has a background in fashion design, and Charlie has a background in manufacturing. Their goal is to create clothing to allow children to realize just how special they other words, to experience the love of Yesterday's Needle!

Our Note to You:

I remember the sights, sounds, and smells of entering my grandmother's southern Louisiana home for a visit.  Sunday dinner was cooking on the stove   My heart was full of joy, anticipation, and excitement to see those who I missed and loved.

Mama, as I lovingly called her, had just a few minutes before her timer beeped, so she pulled me into her extra room. In a corner, sat a little black Singer sewing machine. Next to it, sat a pincushion pierced with a threaded needle recently parked there.

Smiling, she lovingly handed a dress to me. As my fingers ran over the fine fabric, meticulous seams, and unique details, I could feel the love that had been stitched into that dress for me. I felt cherished, beautiful, and confident.

I am sure that most of you have similar memories of a dress made or purchased with love just for you. It is our hope that Yesterday's Needle helps you to relive and share this love with your next generation.

Each special piece of our clothing is lovingly sewn with timeless techniques for those precious little souls in your lives.  We have searched the world over for artisans who are trained in forgotten techniques.  Unique fabrics and trims have been chosen just for you. We have designed clothing to allow your children to celebrate, play, and explore in – clothing that shows them just how special they are.

We are so excited to serve you, and thank you for giving us this sacred opportunity to dress your special little ones. It is our sincere hope that your hearts be pierced by the love of Yesterday's Needle!        

With Love,